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Friday, March 18, 2005

Teeny, Tiny Milestone

On my personal website (Not my professional one), I keep pictures of all my characters. Or rather, models/actors/actresses that look like my characters. I use the images as a reference. I started doing it with Ravyn's Flight and I'm not quite sure why, but I liked it. It used to be just one page, but a while back and switched to 2 pages--one for works in progress and one for books I'd finished.

My teeny, tiny milestone was moving the pictures for Mika and Conor to the Done page. Hurrah! Sure, Through a Crimson Veil isn't finished, finished--I still have revisions to get through--but it's still a written book. :-)

Despite my intention to take 2 weeks off, I found myself opening up the file for my next contracted book and reading through part of it. And okay, I fiddled a little bit. Hardly at all. Just changed a word. And maybe a sentence or two. That's all.

But I could also tell how tired my brain still is just from that half hour. Good reminder of why time off to refill the creative well is critical.