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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The To Do List

While I was writing TACV, I started a To Do list here of what I planned to do while I was taking a break between stories. How am I doing on it? Not well. :-(

I did go shopping. Once. Not for shoes. I picked up some scrapbooking stuff though. And I haven't used any of it because I haven't done any scrapbook pages either. That was another item on my list.

Also on my list was to go to a movie. I looked at the listings last week and didn't find anything that caught my interest. I want something fun. It doesn't need to be a comedy--something with a lot of action would be fun too--but the only thing out that semi-caught my interest was the new Bruce Willis movie. I'm going to check movie listings again for this weekend.

I haven't gotten the two laptops ready to go in the shop either. I think I better make that a priority because I can't haul the new laptop to work indefinitely and I'm going to start writing the next story soon. I'd rather haul one of the two lighter (smaller) laptops back and forth.

I can't remember what else I had on my list, but no doubt, I didn't do that either. I've just kind of been relaxing and trying not to obsess about the book I just turned in or the book I'll be starting. :-)

MN Weather Report: 33 degrees. Wind Chill: 29 degrees. Forecast for slushy rain/snow mix this afternoon or evening.