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Friday, March 04, 2005

Why Can't I Fall to Sleep?

The title of this entry comes courtesy of the Boomtown Rats and their song, "Sleep." "I'm so wired. Very tired. Why can't I fall to sleep?"

Yes, I'm apparently still on demon time. It doesn't matter that I only had 6 hours of sleep last night. It doesn't matter that I took a Tylenol PM. It doesn't even matter that I went to bed three hours ago. I plain can't sleep. Of course, I can't write either which totally sucks. If I'm going to have this weird insomnia thing going, at least I should be able to work.

I have the blurb for Through a Crimson Veil now. After I mail the book off, I'll work on my website and post it. I realized today that it's March and I hadn't updated my site since the middle of February. Well, I did know it was March before today--I'm very aware of how much time remains before my deadline--but I just didn't think of the month in relation to anything else, but the WIP (Work In Progress) Of course, that was kind of a stray thought. I'm busy. :-)

I had a second realization today. Mentioned that I'm no mail on almost all my loops earlier this week. Today it dawned on me that I don't miss all that email. At all. =8-O After this deadline, I might not turn those groups back on. Wow. For an email addict, this was quite a shocker.