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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ahhhh, Saturday!

The last two days have just been hugely, crazily busy for me. The only writing I got done was during lunch, and even then, it wasn't much on Friday. Today I need to catch up on a few things, particularly the emails I'm behind on--again. Of course, I need to write too and make up for Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I spent some major time adding the cover for Through a Crimson Veil to my website. Because my cover was so drastically different in color from what I was expecting, I not only had to add the image, I had to redo the pages. I changed the background to the same orange as the sun on the cover and that required changing the colors of the fonts, as well as creating a new title graphic. I also did a few other unobtrusive things to the website. Little tweaks here and there.

Friday I worked on my ad since it has to be in by next week. Sized the image of my cover to the dimensions they wanted and filled out the form, etc. But I couldn't get the submit form to work and that didn't get done.

But today, I am catching up. At least on the must-do's. I need more weekend and less time at the day job. :-( I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to make my cover into a bookmark and other stuff, but those are tasks for another day.

MN Weather Report: 55 degrees. Windy.