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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fun Test!

This is a test of your senses. Lots of fun, but the first time through, I didn't score all that highly, I think it was 4 out of 20. It's very interesting how the brain works. :-/ Or perceives things. I had to take the test a second time because my grade was abysmal. I'm a little anal about doing well on tests--probably why I did so well in school. :-)

Writing went really well on Wednesday, although it's mostly dialogue and needs some fleshing out. It's hard for me to write at work with all the noise going on around me. I'll have to reread it and see how it looks.

Did a quick adjustment to my website yesterday because I spotted a little mistake when I looked at the Crimson Veil page at work. I also put together some ad copy for TACV. Now all I need is the cover for the book and I'll be all ready. I'm expecting it any day and I really, really am anxious to see it. I so totally love the font used on the Crimson City covers. I'm something of a font slut and I want to know which one it is. Plus, I'm curious if it's going to be my hero or heroine or both on the cover. First book has the heroine. Second book has the hero. Third book ??? I'm waiting to find out!

MN Weather Report: 39 degrees. Wind Chill: 33 degrees.