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Monday, April 11, 2005

Not Good Vibrations

The highway construction has continued all night long. I know because the house was vibrating at 10pm when I went to bed, at 11:30 when I was still trying to sleep, and at 4am when the alarm went off. In fact, the house is still vibrating and I think I'm getting nauseous. Don't they ever sleep???

Wrote about 8 or 9 pages yesterday in TOD. It seemed to go fast, yet the pages weren't piling up as much as I thought they were. I did finish the second scene in the chapter, but I'd decided to add a short, third scene because it needed to be in early and if I didn't put it here, I didn't know where I was going to slip it in. I also realized that this chapter is very dialogue heavy and that I need to ground the reader more--which means adding some description. Sigh. We've talked about description before. But I'm going to finish the chapter first--I think--before I worry about the description part.

I checked website stats and found I had a massive amount of hits on Friday. Like three times more than usual. Most of them didn't link in from anywhere, so now I'm trying to figure out what drove the traffic to my site. The last time I had this many hits, my interview appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. Since I haven't had any more conversations with reporters, I'm wildly curious. I know I posted my cover half a gazillion places, but I can't believe that accounts for the high numbers. A Google search has provided no clues.

Everything is greening up here, making it feel like spring. I love that. :-)

MN Weather Report: 64 degrees.