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Thursday, April 21, 2005

On a Roll

The Power of Two is having a tremendous week! It was nominated in THREE categories in the Golden Rose Reader's Choice Awards--Best Cover, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Futuristic, and Most Romantic Couple. Way cool! I especially like the Most Romantic Couple nomination since Jake and Cai are just so sweet together. Their first inclination is always to protect each other and I find that incredibly romantic. :-) To check out the finalists and to vote for your favorite nominated books, Click Here.

Yesterday, I had another wasp adventure. :-( I guess I should mention before I launch into the story that when I told the guys at work about my first wasp killing, they tried to freak me out. Nearly ALL of them told me some kind of a story about how wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, etc can build nests between the siding and the walls of a house and then find their way inside through tiny chinks in the cement blocks. Of course, I've worked with men long enough not to show them that they HAD succeeded in freaking me out with those accounts--some firsthand. You show weakness like that and they'll home in on it, trying to really get a reaction. So I laughed at their stories, but on the inside, I'm like OMG, what if wasps have a nest like that here???

So yesterday I spot another wasp, just the silhouette, behind the kitchen curtain. The same curtain that I sprayed with worthless wasp and hornet insecticide on Sunday. Guess that stuff really is past its prime. I'm panicking. I already know the spray didn't work, but I pick it up anyway. Then I realize since the wasp is behind the curtain, I'd have to move the material out of the way before I sprayed, which meant getting my hand way too close to the thing. Then I thought about mushing the wasp with the can, but the surface of the cap looked pretty darn small. Clearly, I needed something MUCH LARGER to smoosh him with. I settled on a box full of plastic garbage bags. And again, I had to really press before I heard the crunch of smooshed wasp. But no wasp body falls down--not to the window sill or the floor. It took me a long time to work up enough courage to gingerly pull the curtain aside and find out he was lying dead on top of the window.

But now I'm totally paranoid and every story the guys at work have told me about wasps building nests behind siding is running through my head. I was jumpy all night too, positive that there were wasps lurking everywhere prepared to attack. It did not make for a very relaxing evening. This is actually the third wasp in the house, and the second in four days. I didn't have to kill the first one, though, because my dad was with me when I found it and he took care of it. But three seems too many to be sneaking in with me when I come home. There's obviously a problem, right?

The plan? Get an exterminator out to look around for suspicious wasp activity and let a professional spray the hell out of them. Die, wasps, die!

MN Weather Report: 45 degrees.