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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Spring Rain

I'd planned to finish chapter 4 yesterday. I probably would have made it except that I trashed everything I wrote at lunch and started over on the final scene. I was locked in too tightly to my original vision of the scene and so much had changed since then that it didn't work any longer. Too bad I didn't realize that while I was working on it. The new version is better, but I didn't get very far. I admit it, I was sidetracked by my website. I need to wait to play with that until my writing is done for the day.

Speaking of the website, I signed up for a CSS class. It's online and there are two lessons a week for 6 weeks. Yesterday, I realized that the copyright stuff on the bottom of every page on my web still read 2004 and I had to make them all 2005. As I changed page after page after page, I wished I'd learned CSS long ago. Changing the year only once would have been much nicer.

It's raining and supposed to rain all day. That's okay because it should green things up here even more, plus we're so dry here. We really need the rain. And the other added bonus is that the freeway construction guys didn't work all night long. Hurrah!

MN weather report: 52 degrees. Rain.