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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Unveiling

What does everyone think of the new look to the blog? BTW, the image at the top is a Celtic knot. I'm really into those.

The day job yesterday had a few interesting moments. The announcement was made that 600 more mechanics were being laid off. :-( This wasn't huge news since we'd heard this a month or so ago, but apparently it was big news for the local TV stations. Not that our making the news is anything new, but this was a different twist--one reporter and cameraman came onsite incognito. Instead of arriving in a clearly marked news van, they came in a regular, take-the-kids-to-soccer-practice mini-van. My guess on why is that they didn't have permission to be filming on our property.

Our building does not sit close to the road. It's set way back. The hangars are also attached to the building I work in and I'm sure they wanted to talk to the mechanics for their broadcast. So as I was leaving work, I see this guy standing there with a camera for a few minutes before they hopped into their undercover van. When I got to the main road that goes by our building, the reporter was standing, trying to do his voice over stuff. I flipped around the news stations last night, but I never did figure out which local station it was since I didn't see any of the footage.

On the writing front, I'm still waiting for revisions to Crimson Veil. I'm really hoping they come soon because when I reread it about 10 days after I mailed it, I found three things that I want to fix. In fact, I'm itching to fix them, but I want to wait until I hear from the editor. Depending on what kinds of changes he wants, it could affect how I redo those scenes.

Started chapter 5 of TOD yesterday and did about 2 1/2 pages. I think I'll be cutting the last half page. But at least I found a really cool site on the effects of oxygen deprivation and what symptoms would be experienced. :-) Sometimes when I need info like this, I have a hard time finding it.

MN Weather Report: 42 degrees