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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday Wahs!

Overslept, so this is going to be short. Well, for me.

Finished chapter 4 yesterday, but it's missing even rudimentary description so I need to go back in and ground the reader before I can send it to my buddies to read. I think I'm going to continue on, though with chapter 5 and revise 4 after I hit my page goals for the day.

One of my engineers is moving from the 757 fleet to 747. I don't like our group breaking up like this, but I guess it's inevitable. I found out yesterday and Friday is his last day already. :-( I, of course, plan to give him crap. Something about it being a drastic way to clean up his cube.

MN Weather Report: 39 degrees. Wind Chill: 33 degrees.