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Monday, May 30, 2005

Failure Is Not an Option

I'm still revising. I just have chapter 21 and the epilogue left to fix and then I have to print out all my big changes and insert them into the story, make all my little handwritten changes, package the whole thing up so I can overnight to NYC tomorrow. There's a lot of work ahead of me today, but I have to get it done, period.

My big chore yesterday was chapter 15. The original version of the chapter had a problem and I spent hours on Saturday fixing it. It took up the majority of my revising hours. But as I was lying in bed, trying to sleep that night, I started thinking about it. The new version took care of the original problem, but created others. I could cut the chapter, but there's a part in there I really love. I dithered, cut or not cut. I was still dithering when I got up on Sunday. It was while I was in the shower, that the answer came to me. An answer that required rewriting almost the entire chapter. Not just revising it--rewriting it. From scratch. I hope what I did worked.

Anyway, I worked on that for like 5+ hours yesterday, which left me hurrying to get through the other chapters, and left me short of my goal. I wanted to be done revising and start printing changes first thing this morning. I do have some changes to make to both 21 and the epilogue, but I'm hoping they go fast.

I'm really looking forward to finishing this.

MN Weather Report: 50 degrees.