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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I wanted to talk about something different today. Really. But I've reached a point of total obsession with TACV and the fact that I STILL don't have revisions. I'm pretty much incapable of thinking about anything else for five minutes, let alone long enough to write about some other topic. I'm teetering between rampant hysteria and fatalistic resignation right now.

So, since I'm incapable of blogging about anything this morning, I'm going to include some great Time Waster links.

In this Game, you fly a helicopter and try not to crash into any obstacles. Good luck.

Net Disaster isn't quite as addictive, but it's mildly amusing to set disaster loose on the website of your choice. You can go for total destruction or have the site repair itself as the attack continues. Being a futuristic writer, I chose the alien invasion. :-)

From destruction, we move to creation. Art Pad lets you paint, and when your inner artist is satisfied, you can see your work hanging in a gallery. You get to choose what the surrounding paintings look like. I had a lot of fun over here and actually stopped thinking about my lack of revisions for the time I was creating my masterpiece. ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot! The Power of Two is a Beacon finalist for Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sci Fi. Another finalist posted the list on our author loop. I never heard anything officially and neither had a third finalist on the list. Interesting.

MN Weather Report: 54 degrees.