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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pop vs. Soda

I opened the paper this morning and saw this article with a map of the United States rendered in different colors along side a large can of pop. Curious about this, I read the article. They were talking about what people called pop in different parts of the country. (Yes, my Minnesota roots are showing because it is most definitely pop here, not soda, not coke, not anything else.) There's even a website devoted to this. Of course, I had to check it out. :-)

I admit to a fascination with linguistics and what regional differences there are across the United States. I even took a linguistics class in college. I clicked on Minnesota on the Pop Vs Soda results page and someone suggested a website devoted to the lunch versus supper versus dinner debate. :-)

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day, despite my stressing over not having my revisions yet. I got caught up on email--mostly--although people answered me, which put me behind again. I also finished putting together the graphics and text for my Crimson Veil bookmark. It's ready to send to the printer as soon as I make arrangements with them. And I did the quiz for lesson six in my CSS class. Now we're finally getting into the fun stuff--the meat of the course. I'm itching to use what I've learned, but any kind of web design is going to need to wait for a while.

Nothing too exciting, right? Somehow, though, I think things are about to become more exciting than I can stand! :-) Just the frantic race to finish revisions should be enough to enliven my life. Although, it won't translate into interesting blog entries. I would like to do one or two more characterization posts--one about issues and growth and another about how the paranormal/futuristic elements should play a role in who the characters are, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get to these topics.

MN Weather Report: 63 degrees.