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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rapidly Approaching Hysteria

Okay, today is May 10th and I still have no revisions for a book that needs to be typeset before Memorial Day. Anxiety/hyperventilation is slowly edging toward hysteria. Perhaps slowly is the wrong word, the pace might be a bit more rapid than that. :-/

I'm a perfectionist--and while I've accepted I'll never write a perfect book--that doesn't mean I don't want to try. But I need time to do revisions. Gah! Something tells me I'll be burning more vacation from the day job to get this done.

I know editors are overworked and way busier than they should have to be, but not all authors have the luxury of writing full time. Don't I wish! Some of the changes they think are small, end up being huge deals that require taking apart half the book to make work. If I end up with something like that on this story, I'm completely and totally sunk. Or completely and totally sleepless.

I've talked about this with several published friends--how we bust our butts to get things done on time, only to have the manuscript/proposal/etc. sit and sit until we have to bust our butts again to make another impossibly short deadline for revisions or some other aspect of the book. Sigh. I know, editors are overworked, but so are authors.

Right now, I'm running through all my obligations and responsibilities and trying to think what can be put off and what can't. The day job is the biggest time hog, and since I already burned so much vacation to get this book in on time, the one I'm least able to put aside. If I don't get revisions today, tomorrow's post on the blog will be chock full of rampant hysteria. I wish I was joking, but I'm already halfway there.

MN Weather Report: 56 degrees.