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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Surprising Editor News

Yesterday I received an email from my editor--my official editor, not the editor I've worked with on TPOT or TACV. Kate is leaving Dorchester and going to Berkley. It was such a surprise to get that note. Not that I'm plugged in to the NYC publishing world, but it's just that despite all the turn over of editorial assistants, Dorchester has been stable at the editor level since I've been there. Granted, I've only been bought there a little over three years, but still. Kate picked up my first book and she bought the book I'm writing now for release in 2006. It's sad to see her leave.

I've heard about authors being orphaned, but I don't really feel that lost. After all, I have worked for another editor at Dorch for two books, and the woman taking over the position copy edited Ravyn's Flight and loved it, so I'm getting someone who likes my work as my new editor. Plus I've emailed with her back and forth for a while and have talked with her at conferences, so I'm confident things will be fine for me. I'm wishing Kate the best at Berkley, and Leah the best as editor at Dorch.

In other news, still no revisions for TACV and I found some strands of gray hair when I looked in the mirror! =8-O I promptly yanked them out.

MN Weather Report: 43 degrees. Wind Chill: 35 degrees.