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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Ugly Pants

There's nothing really wrong with The Ugly Pants except for their color. It's absolutely hideous. I think it's supposed to be some kind of walnut shade, but it looks like puke brown. But hey, they were really cheap and they're comfortable, so if I'm just going to be hanging out at the house, why not?

So I'm home from work this week working on revisions and yesterday I'm wearing The Ugly Pants. I started revising early in the morning and worked all day. Really hard. Then about 6:50 pm I have to make a post office run. I haven't checked my PO box in about 3 weeks, but it's the letter I have to mail that drives me out of the house. I slip on a pair of beat up mocs, grab my purse and keys and head off to the PO.

It's only after I park the car and see all the cars going by the street in front of me that I realize I'm still wearing The Ugly Pants. I look down. Yep. They're still ugly. I look up. Busy street. Lots of traffic. I'm not going home to change, which means strangers are going to see me in The Ugly Pants. GAH!

I carry a big purse. I try to use it to hide as much of The Ugly Pants as I can, but it's a losing battle. I console myself with the fact that my T-shirt doesn't have any holes in it and it doesn't clash with the color of The Ugly Pants. And, thank you, God, the post office is empty. I throw my letter in the slot, grab my mail out of the box and go to the table to sort and toss the junk mail.

Almost done. Almost safe from anyone having a close-up view of The Ugly Pants, but as I'm throwing the last flyer in the trash, a car pulls up. It parks beside me. Let it be a guy, I think. Men don't notice things like Ugly Pants. It's a woman. There's no place to hide. I give her a sickly as she enters the PO and I exit.

I drive straight home. I do not stop for gas even though it's cheap right now. I pull in the garage and lower the door before I get out. I can't risk anyone else seeing me in The Ugly Pants.

Revisions went better yesterday, I got more done, but I'm still going to be really close on the timing. I'm a perfectionist and this too-short time frame is killing me. :-(

MN Weather Report: 60 degrees. Rain.