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Friday, June 10, 2005

Ah, the sound of chain saws

As I wound my way through the neighborhood to the house, I heard the sound of chain saws in the distance. Amazing what that storm did. Trees everywhere around me were down--I saw even more than what I did the day before--and people were working to remove them. I hate seeing so many trees die, but what can you do? Mother Nature took them out in just a matter of moments.

Anyway, I had coffee this morning and I get to post to the blog from home. Hurrah! Electricity--and all the things we do with it--is something we take for granted. Until we lose it.

I heard from my editor and he said that he thought the revisions for TACV turned out well. I'm really glad he let me know because I've had a couple of sleepless nights worrying about it. I was just so rushed as I worked on it, and there wasn't time to reread and see if everything was smooth. I'm still holding my breath on galleys because that's when I'll see what I have. Should be sometime this month, although since it was so late going to typeset, maybe it'll be early next month. I do want to read through this and see what I ended up with, but on the other hand, I'm in no particular hurry just now. :-)

MN Weather Report: 68 degrees. Rain.