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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Day Two: No Power

Gah! Like I said yesterday, I was not cut out to be a pioneer. This would be day two without any power. I can live with the showering by lantern light, it's the lack of coffee and no email that bite. And I miss my hair dryer. A lot.

Yesterday, I came home a different way than the direction I left and found my way blocked by another big tree! I had to back up and go around. I couldn't believe how many more trees were down. I had to have seen close to a dozen, maybe even more, and none of these were repeats from the morning! And I saw there was another tree down in the lot next door. That must have been some storm that whipped through. Yikes!

So, no power. They claim we'll have it today. I sure hope so. It's hard to do anything without electricity. No email (The laptop battery gave out pretty darn quickly. Sigh. I think I need to get a car adapter.), no internet, no writing, no reading, no radio, no televised baseball. I came into work early this morning so I could have coffee and read email. I didn't get a chance to visit any websites, though. :-( This is really inconvenient. I'm posting on the blog from work, which I shouldn't be doing, but how can I not share?

In other, non-storm news, would you believe FIVE wasps??? Wasp number five was lying dead in the living room. I never saw him alive, thank God, but holy cow! Even with him dead, I feel creeped out.

MN Weather Report: 62 degrees.