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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Galleys and the Run-On Sentence From Hell

I was late for work yesterday. Punched in at 6am on the dot. I would have been on time if it weren't for that damn train. Very frustrating. Luckily, my boss is really great about this, but I still hate being late. It bothers me! This isn't the part that's worthy of comment since I've managed to be late about once a week for the last month. Nope, the reason I'm mentioning this is that I totally spaced out my tardiness. I always stay and make up the 6 minutes I need to not be tardy. Well, yesterday I punched out at 14:33 and was almost to the Urban Assault Vehicle before I realized I had time to makeup. So the goal is to get to work at least 6 minutes early today. Sigh.

Speaking of my SUV, when I was caught at the traffic light at the bottom of the freeway off-ramp yesterday, I had this little bitty car in front of me. It was ugly, I thought, very boxy for a sports car and very, very tiny. It was an Alfa Romeo Spider something or other. Which had me thinking about how much money the old guy driving it must have paid. Then I was studying the size again, it was like a toy car. I measured him against my vehicle and decided that I could pretty much get him underneath the front bumper of the Urban Assault Vehicle without doing any damage until I hit the cabin of the car. Now that is tiny!

I'm still reading through my galleys of Crimson Veil. Finding more stuff that needs to be fixed. The repetition is making me nuts, and while I take responsibility for some of it, it's not all my fault. Most of it is word choice stuff, but there are a couple of bigger things. Of course, since these are the galleys and we're not allowed to make all that many changes, I figure some of what I'm marking won't be fixed. :-( There's also a couple of run-on sentences that I know I didn't create. If anything, I write too many fragmented sentences. This isn't the first time I've had an editor combine stuff up and do this to me. No reader has ever commented on it--at least that I've seen--but it's frustrating. TACV contains a sentence that is so long, I couldn't remember the beginning half of it by the time I reached the end. :-) I'd laugh, but it's not that funny to me. Anyway, I added a couple of commas to--hopefully--make it more readable since I doubt I can rewrite the whole thing and have the change made.

I'm about halfway through my second read through and still catching stuff. I know I'll catch more on my third and final read through, but will miss mistakes anyway. Since typos, missing letters, missing words, etc., bug the hell out of me, I can only hope the publisher's proofreader catches what I'm missing.

My goal for the day is to go to bed early. It's been three late nights in a row.

MN Weather Report: 72 degrees. Still very humid. Sigh.