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Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Elf Name

It's Saturday. I've slept until 11:30 and I'm just now finishing my coffee. It's raining. And I don't have an impending deadline. It's mostly a play day, I've decided, although there are things on the To Do List.

As part of playing, I went and had my Elf Name generated. I'm Cirnellë Tasartir. Actually, that's a kind of cool name, and the umlaut adds a special kind of otherworldliness to the name. Cool. :-)

So what's on the To Do list today? Laundry for sure. I also really need to review the material from my CSS class and take the final exam. I only have until June 10th and I'd really like to get this completely finished. I'll confess to not working very hard on the assignments which will make taking the final even more interesting.

My other plan includes transferring music from my CD collection to my MP3 player. Yes, I finally joined the MP3 revolution. I'm not into music to any great extent, so I didn't see the need to invest in a player, but when my radio station changed formats, it hit hard. Now I spend too much time flipping between stations trying to find someone who's playing something I'm interested in listening to. :-( So I decided MP3 was the way to go. I can load every song I like from my personal music collection into one thing and have a variety of music at hand for whatever mood strikes.

The big problem with this? There's a link to some company that should identify the CD I want to rip and list all the song titles and stuff so that I don't have to type it all in by hand. It's not working. Instead of asking me to create an identity, once I agree to their policy, the only option I get is finish, and as soon as I click that, the window closes. I have had to type all the song titles in by hand and I'm not finding that much fun. :-(

Anyway, mostly just a veg out day which sounds soooo good after the last two weeks.

MN Weather Report: 70 degrees. Rain.