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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rush, Rush, Rush

I overslept this morning. Not just a little either. Usually when I do this, I wake up early enough to still read email and have coffee even if I can't do the rest of my morning routine. Today, I only had enough time to chug a cup of coffee and hop in the shower. I hate days that start out like this. :-(

Checked email from work and saw that I was inundated by spam. Sigh. What a waste of pixels. Apparently, though, this is big business. There was an article in the paper here about a week and a half ago about some local guy who made millions by spamming people about prescription drugs. No wonder we can't halt the spread of spam, people are actually responding to this crap. :-( Who are they and how do we stop them???

Of course, the one email I was waiting for didn't come. Now I'm wondering if it made it where it was supposed to go. With spam filters in place, it's easy for legitimate email to get caught. Then there are the vagaries of technology--sometimes things just plain don't work the way they're supposed to. Or maybe this person hasn't checked their inbox yet. Not everyone is an internet addict like me. Or maybe they read the email and plan to respond when they have time. Look at me, I'm obsessing already. Yikes!

MN Weather Report: 63 degrees with almost 100% humidity.