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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Then Bang, Crash, the Lightning Flashed

Huge storms rolled through last night, and about 10pm the power went out. Again. On the plus side, I was getting ready to go to sleep. On the minus side, my alarm is electric. I don't know what time I woke up, but I was worried it was getting close to time to get up, and was trying to figure out what I could look at that would tell me the time. :-( It was while my brain was sluggishly working on this problem that the power returned. I love clocks that set themselves. :-) It was 12:20 and I had hours left to sleep.

Of course, the other minus in all this is that my early night didn't happen. 10pm? Gah! I really needed to be in bed much earlier than that. But I wanted to get more of the galley for Crimson Veil done. I should finish my second run-through today and be able to start the third (and final) reading tomorrow.

I'm kind of frustrated right now. Why do people always argue with me about simple things? I contacted someone because a group that should be showing up on my Yahoo list isn't. She's insisting that I'm on there and that I should check my email. I'm an internet/email addict, there is absolutely, positively no unread email on my computer. There is nothing in my spam filter, and when I check Yahoo Groups, I am still not a member of said group. The really weird thing is the date she said she added me--June 19th. That's impossible since I signed up on the 25th.

Anyway, I need to email her again, but I'm worried that I'll sound as frustrated as I feel. You see, this happens to me all the time, people not believing me when I tell them something that any idiot should know. I don't understand why. What's the lesson here? There must be one since it happens constantly. The thing is, once I can get the other person to actually trust that I know what I'm talking about, they always apologize because I'm right. (nine times out of ten, swear on it). Do I need this aggravation? No. I'm too damn busy to keep emailing and trying to get across the fact that I am not computer illiterate and that I know what the hell I'm talking about. Grrr.

I really didn't mean to go on about this, but maybe if I vent here, I can be nice and polite in my email. I don't want to come across as snotty. I know this is a volunteer position and probably a thankless task, but this is one more event in a string of them, where someone is arguing with me about something I KNOW.

So last night, I'm reading galleys and flip over to watch Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN. It's supposed to be the Damn Yankees and the Orioles. Sigh. Does anyone in MN give a damn about this game? Only people transplanted from the east coast, I'd bet on it. But ESPN is biased toward the east, and at least it's baseball. But the heavens smile on me and it's raining in Baltimore! Hurrah! The game they cut to is Atlanta and Florida. I'm gleeful! I started following the Braves a few years back and I've been frustrated for two seasons now with the low number of games TBS shows now.

I became excited too quickly. ESPN in their infinite wisdom, starts game hopping. A couple innings of this game, then switch to Philadelphia/Mets, then on to the Angels and the Rangers, then on to CIN/STL. It was impossible to follow any game because they were flipping around faster than a guy with the TV remote in his hand! I finally became fed up enough that I jumped on their website and sent them an email to complain. I'd reached a point where I didn't care which game they showed as long as they would just show one. I received a form letter in reply. Oh, well.

ESPN did flip over to the Braves again at the top of the 8th. Lucky me, I was able to see Atlanta's bullpen fail again and Florida tie the game. We were going into the 11th inning when the power went out. Probably a good thing. :-)

And before I bore y'all any farther, I'm going to sign off and try to compose a friendly email.

MN Weather Report: 66 degrees. The humidity as finally broken and the dew point is 56.