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Monday, July 18, 2005

Are Walls Supposed to Creak?

My cube at work is right against the wall. A hangar wall where we keep big airplanes. The thing I find alarming is that it's making these odd creaking noises, and it's never done this before. I'm sitting here, wondering if this is something I should be worrying about.

On to more positive things. I had a To Do List of 6 items. I completed 4 of them successfully this weekend. Hurrah! Since I'd been glancing at the list for about a week, it was good to finally get something accomplished. Of the two items I have left, one is easy, and the other is my least favorite of all the tasks. :-( Wanna take bets that I don't get either one done before National?

MN Weather Report: 77 fabulous degrees!