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Friday, July 15, 2005

The First Reviewer

I had an email yesterday evening from one of the reviewers who has a copy of Through a Crimson Veil. She hasn't written the review yet, but she wanted to tell me that my demons "knocked her socks off" and that while she'd only intended to glance through the first chapter and read the galley next week, she was unable to put the story down. How cool is this? I'd be happy dog dancing around the room if I hadn't broken my foot. :-)

It's a funny thing about writing. First, I worry about my writing buddies finding huge problems with what I've written. Next, I worry about my agent and editor's reactions. Are they both going to wonder what the hell were they thinking to get involved with me? Now, I'm at the stage where I worry about reviewer reactions. I mean, my editor and agent at least like my writing, but once the book goes out, who knows? And of course, after the reviewer reaction, comes worry about reader reaction. :-) Then I start the whole thing over again with the next book.

But for now, one reviewer, at least, loved my demon children and that's exciting!

MN Weather Report: 75 degrees. Very, very, very humid.