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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Foot Follies

Um, I guess maybe the title is inappropriate since nothing funny has happened that involves my foot. It has, however, impacted me more than I'd like. Right now, I'm sitting with my feet up. The ever fashionable cam boot has kept my foot protected, but it has a couple of drawbacks. First, boot malfunction. Sometimes, the velcro just goes whoosh and I have to stop and adjust. Sigh. Second, the velcro on the sides rubs against my leg and I have charming little red marks that hurt! No bandages in my travel bag, although I have almost everything else. Third, the thing is freaking HOT! Ugh! Tonight, I was at two awards things and it was hot in both rooms which made the boot feel even worse. I could hardly wait to get the thing off. And I found drawback number four. The heat made my foot and ankle swell, so I have marks from where the boot pressed against me.

Is this enough whining? I apologize, I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable right now.

Edited to add: Okay, it's about 20 minutes later and now my foot really hurts. Wah!

So let's talk about the fun stuff, yes? Last night was the literacy signing and it was a kick! I met so many wonderful people who told me they loved my books. Nice little ego boost, and it's the coolest thing in the world to know that other people not only read, but enjoyed your book. I knocked over my display easel of my Crimson Veil cover twice (I think), but other than that spared myself any embarrassing moments. At least I think I did. If I'm wrong, please don't tell me!

I sat next to Maggie Osborne at the signing and she is the nicest, most gracious woman! I'm happy to have had a chance to meet her and talk to her before her retirement ended her autographing events. I also wish her the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do next.

I only made it to one event after the literacy signing. I pooped out and was half asleep by the time I left party number one. I did look for the RBL group in the bar area since the steakhouse was closed, but couldn't spot anyone. I decided to go to bed instead of looking any farther.

Of course, by the time I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I wasn't sleepy any more. In fact, I wasn't sleepy at 1am or 2am either. I'm looking at the clock in the hotel room and thinking, gee, if I was home, I'd be getting up now to go to work. You know the insomnia is bad when I'm doing time conversion in my head. :-)

You'd think that I would sleep late after this kind of night, but nope. I was up at 7am. I had the alarm set to go off at 8:15, but reset it for 9:15. Still didn't get any more sleep in before I had to get ready to meet the Crimson City team for lunch.

This was my first time meeting Marjorie and Carolyn in person. I'd met Liz at the 2176 lunch last year in Dallas and Jade at my very first publisher dinner. It's a fun group and way cool to finally have faces to put with the people I've been emailing for months. And Carolyn was sweet enough to cart my box of books up to my room for me. We're doing a promo tomorrow morning and giving out books, only I didn't know how to get them to my room on my own. (Thanks Carolyn!)

After lunch, I met up with a friend in the bar and a couple of other Dorchester authors, then I had to run to get ready for dinner.

That's when I had boot malfunction number one. I hate being late for anything, but I was a few minutes late tonight because I had to fix the velcro. Dinner was a blast even though it was part business, and the food was good. I had my second boot malfunction when I stood up out of the low booth. Have I mentioned how tired I am of the boot?

Then it was off to the room and then the awards. I didn't win anything, but then I didn't think I would, so it was easy not to be disappointed. The rooms, though, for the two awards were really far apart and tested my limping skills to the max. This was when I noticed the chaffing from the velcro against my skin was getting really bad. (I'd jammed a tissue between the velcro strip and my leg, but it fell out of place) Still, I did my best to ignore it. And get to the second award presentation. They'd started early and I nearly missed my category. TPOT finished 3rd and I couldn't climb the stairs to the stage to thank anyone. Um, not that I like public speaking anyway.

As soon as the awards were done, I escaped to my room and all but yanked the stupid boot off my leg. Ugh! I can't imagine another 8 weeks of this blessed thing, but that's a minimum.

Anyway, fun day, but tiring. I'm still wound up from the rushing around, though, and know I won't sleep even though I have to get a VERY early start tomorrow morning. So it's back on the hotel TV internet. This means that if there are typos, I can't see them (poor screen resolution) and spell check doesn't work on this thing.

I don't know when I'll be on next, but I thought I'd do an update since I have to do something other than convert the time to Central Daylight. :-)

Reno weather report: It rained today. The hotel is still wonderfully air conditioned except in the awards rooms where I really needed it.