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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I can tell y'all unequivocally that I'm damn sick of this broken foot already. I have to move so slowly! My mind is already six blocks ahead and around the corner, while the rest of me is hobbling behind. Grrr. Today is the appointment with the orthopedist. Until he says no surgery needed, I'm going to be worrying about that.

The other thing that's so damn frustrating is how tired this has left me. It surprised me, that's for sure, but I guess it makes sense. My body is dealing with the pain and with healing itself and it's taking energy I normally use for other things. :-( When I arrived home yesterday from work, I read email and just crashed. Napped for almost 3 hours, woke up and answered more email, and then went back to bed. I still feel exhausted this morning and I'm wondering if I should just take half a day of vacation for my doctor's appt, then come home and sleep.

Of course, appearing at work yesterday with the attractive shoe the doctor's office provided and the cane that my dad gave me brought questions from my coworkers. The story I decided to go with was that I had an engineer that needed a good swift kick and that they're really hardheaded. :-) Fortunately, my guys have a sense of humor and fortunately I have a sense of humor because I've been getting all kinds of crap about how I broke the bone.

Do I need to mention that not much writing is getting done? I did revise a chapter in the WIP night before last to reflect this new thread I want to add to the story, but last night I just slept.

Anyway, since it takes me so long to do normal, everyday stuff, I have to get going.

MN Weather Report: 67 degrees.