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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How Far Off is Human Cloning?

Seriously, do you think human cloning is close enough at hand that I can create three of me by next Wednesday? My schedule for the RWA conference was full to begin with--including running (or should I say limping?) between the PRISM Awards and the National Readers' Choice Awards on Thursday night, but Wednesday is proving to be the busiest night of all.

Wednesday is the literacy signing. Traditionally, I've met up with a group of online friends directly after the signing ended and we'd hang out. This is the only time in the conference that I would see some of these people because there are several who are long time authors and they're busier than I am.

This year, I have two other groups of online friends who want to meet up--after the literacy signing. I really want to get together with all three groups. So what do I do? Try to make all the gatherings? It's not possible to incorporate them into one group, and running between them would have been difficult even if I hadn't broken my foot. With my incredibly slow pace, hurrying anywhere just isn't going to happen.

Both these groups will have people who are only coming in for the literacy event--they're readers--so it's not as if I can move meeting up with them to another night. It's Wednesday or it's nothing. I thought about asking one group to meet before the signing, but that isn't going to work either. The Crimson City team is doing a promo thing then, so that's another possibility closed.

Cloning is my best option, but somehow I doubt the ethical issues are going to be resolved in one week. :-( Any suggestions on how I juggle three get togethers in one small window of time?

MN Weather Report: 75 degrees. Humidity is returning and there's a big patch of orange on the radar to our west. Should be storming like heck shortly.