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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Looks Like It's Surgery

Today was my appointment with the orthopedist. His recommendation for my broken foot? Surgery. :-(

It seems that I have what's known as a Jones Fracture and that area of the foot does not receive a strong blood supply. It is possible to treat it without surgery, but it takes 6 weeks in a cast and crutches (no weight on the foot), then another 6 weeks or so with a walking cast. Even after all this, there's no guarantee that the bone will heal, and I still might end up needing surgery. There's also an incidence of refracture with this method.

Surgery, however, means 3 weeks without putting weight on it, then, if the healing is going well, time in a walking cast until the healing is complete. I will then have a screw in my foot. Sigh.

I've been researching on the net and it looks as if surgery is definitely the best option, but it totally sucks. I don't want surgery. But I don't want to waste 3 months trying to heal without it and then finding out I needed it anyway.

I'm still going to the RWA conference in Reno, and if I do the surgery, I'll have it after that, but I will be hobbling around the hotel in a boot and using a cane. Gah! Then there's flying. Going through the metal detectors at the airport, getting on the plane, flying 3 1/2 hours, dealing with luggage, getting to the hotel. GAH! Well, I for sure won't be bringing the laptop with me now. No way can I handle that with the foot thing going on. How will I survive without the internet and email for a week??? =8-O