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Friday, July 22, 2005

A Taste of Crimson

A Taste of Crimson by Marjorie M. Liu is shipping now from Amazon and will be shipping any day from! It's almost two weeks early, but there have even been in-store sightings. If you're following the Crimson City series, this is book 2.

Speaking of the Crimson City series, I mentioned last week that I'd heard back from the first reviewer on Through a Crimson Veil and last night, she sent me the official review. It's a cool one! I'll link to the full review when it's posted on Fresh Fiction in September, but here's a snippet or two.

I got so involved in THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL, I could not put it down.

My favorite part, though, talks about Conor:

He has no idea how much the beautiful, vivacious and impetuous Mika will disrupt his already troubled life, or how she'll get under his skin and into his blood, tearing down his tightly controlled barriers.

I'm hoping the rest of the reviews for TACV are this good!

Last night, I managed to embarrass myself. Sigh. I keep up with blogs through Bloglines (Which has been driving me nuts lately because they are SO far behind the posts right now.) and that includes feedster so I can see if anyone is talking about the Crimson City series. And there was a bunch of people who'd mentioned it, including someone who said she'd emailed me a few days earlier about The Power of Two. I panicked because I hadn't received an email from her and I'm worrying that I'm losing notes, so I quickly sent a message apologizing for not answering her.

Then I started thinking. Eventually it dawned on me that I had received email from her, but not under her pen name. Oops. So I sent another email apologizing for being so slow to make the connection between names. I used to have a fantastic memory--I miss it. And I feel bad that I didn't immediately remember.

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