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Friday, July 01, 2005

That's Not How It Happened

Today's post is going to be more serious than what I usually write. In the Twin Cities, two boys, ages 9 and 5, accused a 37-year-old man of trying to abduct the five-year-old. The man was arrested. Star Tribune June 27, 2005 Only it turned out to be a hoax, the boy was not grabbed, the cousin did not save him. Star Tribune June 28, 2005.

At first I was very disheartened by this story, that children would make up this kind of lie. Granted, it's unlikely they understood the ramifications of their actions, but it bothers me that these children were lying about something so serious. Enter the hero of this story. A thirteen-year-old boy, Sydney Williams, witnessed the incident and he came forward and told the truth. Star Tribune June 30, 2005. Please read this story if you have time.

This boy went to his father and said that the boys' story wasn't true. The father told Sydney that it's important to tell the truth and he did. He told a story of these two kids tormenting a man with a history of mental illness, a homeless man sitting on a bench, not bothering anyone. They threw rocks at him, even hitting the homeless man in the head with one. Then they lied about his actions.

Sydney Williams has restored my faith in humanity. At a time when it's easier not to get involved, this boy--and his father--showed true courage, true honor by coming forward and telling the police what really happened. Just reading the story teared me up. This is a good kid and he has a good father. I'm glad I read the newspaper today.

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