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Friday, August 05, 2005

All I Want To Do Is Sleep

It's the weirdest thing. I've had to nap every single afternoon when I've gotten home from work and I rarely nap. I'm not talking 20 minute catnaps either, which I did while on deadline for Power of Two. I mean one hour to three hour long naps. Yikes! How can I get anything done when I'm constantly sleeping?

Take yesterday for example. I couldn't keep my eyes open, and finally I gave in around 5pm or so. The phone woke me up at 5:39 or I would have slept much longer. The call, BTW, was from the contest coordinator for the Orange Rose. TPOT is a finalist in the paranormal category!!! Happy dog dancing--well, in spirit anyway. It was definitely worth waking up for this. :-)

The funny thing is that I almost didn't enter the Orange Rose. I debated for a while, had decided not to, and then TPOT did so well in all the contests RF didn't. Well, the OR was a contest RF didn't do well in, so I thought, hey, this is worth a shot. I think I sneaked in right under the deadline, or at least darn close to it. Since the final judges are booksellers and librarians, getting my book in on time was a good choice.

Oh, speaking of RF (Ravyn's Flight), the spin off, Temple of Dreams is on the schedule now for August 2006! Hurrah! That's a month earlier than the original plan, and while it's not set in stone, I hope it stays there. I've wanted a summer release, and finally I may just have one! And it looks like the title is going to stay TOD. My editor is okay with it and I can't come up with anything I like better. I'm awful at coming up with names for books, and actually, TOD fits well. Only a few of us will know that the title started out as a total joke, right? As in "Kendall Thomas and the Temple of Dreams." ;-) Shh! Don't tell anyone.

MN Weather Report: 63 degrees.