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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bandage Off

Yesterday was the day I was finally allowed to take the bandage off my foot and shower. Easier said than done. First, the cotton part of the bandage stuck to my skin. Then the gauze had some blood on it and it stuck to my stitches. That called for warm water to dampen the gauze so it could be removed without ripping anything open. The wound actually doesn't look too ugly. I'm the most incredibly squeamish person ever and it didn't bother me--that should give you an idea. Anyway, the incision is incredibly small and there are maybe three stitches or so in there. Not too bad.

The shower part became the major production. Just crawling over the side of the tub was a challenge and it didn't take long to figure out that standing wasn't going to work real well. So I sat and showered and by the time I was done, I was so exhausted I was covered with sweat and sick to my stomach. Gah! Who would have guessed that a simple shower would be such an ordeal?

Once I recovered, though, I was honestly able to say I was glad I'd muddled my way through the shower. It felt so good to be completely clean. Washing up in the sink just doesn't offer the same satisfaction.

The other high point of the day is that I managed to stay awake! That's right, no nap! Hurrah! Of course, I didn't accomplish a whole lot, but it was a milestone just to be conscious. :-)

Nothing interesting to report, but I've said it before--my life revolves around my foot.

MN Weather Report: 68 degrees. Cloudy.