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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Because If I Don't Vent, I'll Explode

I'm camped out in my parents' family room on a pull-out bed because I'm pretty restricted right now on what I can do. So my mom's sister is living with them, and she's absolutely driving me crazy. She never shuts up, not for 2 minutes. If she's awake, she's talking and she's so shrill and so loud, there's no way to block her out. She's woken me up more than once and she's rude enough not to care. As I do with almost anyone that irritates the hell out of me, I've given her a nickname--Jabber Jaw. (Like the cartoon shark.)

If I don't get some peace, I don't know how I'm going to write. Right now, I'm praying really hard for laryngitis, but somehow that seems so wrong. Sigh. I'm losing my mind!

17 more days on crutches.

PS. My dad is a saint.