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Monday, August 01, 2005

Conference Recap: Friday

I had to get up early today because the Crimson City team was meeting at 8am to do a promo thing. Since I need so much time to move, I set the alarm for 6am. I didn't get out of bed until nearly 6:30 and then had to hustle. Of course, even if we were meeting at noon, I would have ended up needing to hurry. We set up outside the Hilton Pavilion where there was a continental breakfast offered and it didn't take long to hand out all the free books we had.

When we were done, I went upstairs and propped my foot up for a couple of hours, mindful of how bad things had become the night before. Then at noon, I ran down for lunch.

I had heard fabulous stories of the filet mignon that they'd had for lunch the day before, so I was expecting something good. That's not what I got. To start with, the lunch was cold. We had slices of turkey wrapped in a tortilla shell with cheese and cold bacon. Ugh! I pulled the bacon out. We couldn't get any more water and the server just plopped the coffee pot and tea pitcher down on the table. Not a stellar meal by any means.

At 2pm I met up with another friend of mine. She ended up on the same floor that I was on so I ran into her when I got off the elevator. From there, I went to a meeting with my agent. Where we caught up on stuff and talked about a few things that are going on. After my agent left, I spotted another friend and had her join me at the short table. With the fashionable cam boot, getting up on the high chair at the tall table just wasn't going to happen. As we were talking, I spotted another friend and she joined us too until it was time for us to all scatter and get ready for our publisher dinners.

Again, I was in a rush, but one of the workshops had gone late and our room wasn't set up yet. As we stood in the hall, waiting, someone called my name and I had a great conversation with a woman from Australia. She works for Rendezvous bookstore and is setting up a store in London. I'm supposed to send some bookmarks, so someone help me remember to do this. Please.

Dinner was fun, and despite the fact my foot was hurting again, I somehow ended up in the bar. I almost jerked the boot off a few times because I'd had enough of it, but it was still on when I hobbled back to my room. My foot and ankle were swollen again, but not as bad as the night before. Except when I woke up on Saturday, the swelling was not gone. That was not good news.