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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Love Thesaurus.Com is one of my favorite sites. The main reason I'm online when I write is so I have instant access to synonyms. It's also helped me find some really obscure words that sound pretty cool. Like in Power of Two Cai writes on a quire. Got that from the online thesaurus. I've been using it for Temple of Dreams too. Kendall has a dream where she enters a chancel surrounded by a cortege. Cool!

I finished the chapter I was working on, did a little read through, made some fixes, and sent it out to my writing buddies. Heard back from one of my friends who is just getting caught up with what I wrote, and I started making changes based on a couple of things we discussed. That will be the project for the day, to finish doing a little revision.

Last night, my foot really hurt. A lot. Enough that I couldn't sleep. I finally got up around 12:30 and took some Advil. I also propped my leg up on a couple of pillows. And I still couldn't sleep. I was contemplating taking one of my pain killers again, when apparently, the Advil kicked in. I was gone in seconds. :-) This morning, I feel hung over. Gah! Fun to write when the brain is in this state. Not.

MN Weather Report: 71 degrees. Humidity dropped. Hurrah!