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Friday, August 12, 2005

I Never Thought I'd Say This

But I'm sick of sleeping! That's absolutely all I do. I think my longest stretch of time spent awake was 4 hours yesterday--then it was right back to sleep. :-/ I'm getting backed up on email again because I can't stay awake long enough to answer it. And anything else I need to do? Forget about it.

Part of me knows it's only been a few days since surgery and I should be counting the fact that I didn't take pain killers during the day yesterday as a victory. Another part of me, the part that's tired of crutches, feels like it's been an eternity since surgery. 18 more days and counting till I'm allowed to walk again. Sigh.

I did have a strange dream this morning. The scary thing is that I don't think it was drug induced since I took the pain killers before I went to sleep last night and I had the dream almost 12 hours later. :-/ I guess that means I'm just weird.

In my dream, I was on a huge cruise ship and my cabin was way up high. I could look down and see all these people in the water and I was like what are they doing swimming out so far from land? And the answer from someone on the ship was another ship had gone down and these must be survivors. But my ship didn't stop, and I could see the people being pulled into these vortices created by the big ship.

The next thing I remember in the dream is this big ice berg and people posing on it with killer whales. Aside from Orca, there were all kinds of sharks and other whales too. And as I'm walking along this bank of some sort, a fish jumps over it. I'm like, cool and we didn't even have to work to get this thing. But the person with me kept tugging me along and wouldn't let me pick up the fish (and it was big too). A little further on, I see a sign saying that it's one of the protected fish and that we're not allowed to catch it.

That's the last I can recall, but it was an entertaining interlude, and I'll take those any way I can get them. I'm aware enough to be bored, but still out of it enough to not have enough mental energy to do much. I'm not a good patient, that's for sure.

MN Weather Report: 73 degrees.