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Monday, August 08, 2005

It Just Became More Crowded In My Head

Last night, I'm lying in bed, minding my own business, when two new characters showed up and started talking. Well, not new new. They were both mentioned in Crimson Veil, although neither one of them appeared in person. I told them I was busy, but did that faze them? Hell, no. They just kept on talking.

I'll get a rein on them at some point, I always do, but it's so crowded in my head right now. Mika and Conor are still here. Conor stays mostly quiet, but I don't think Mika is capable of sitting silently--not for long. I've got the characters from the book I'm working on now, and the secondary couple. That brings my total up to six. Then there's the four characters from my paranormal and its spin off. Ten. And four of the six heroes and heroines from my romantic suspense and its two spin offs are here too. Grand total: Fourteen.

Granted, most of them don't bug me too much, but they still take up space and my head is full! But its not like I have any say in the matter. Characters come when they want, and if I never do anything with them, they leave. Eventually.

In a little update to yesterday's post, I finally found two pictures of a woman with a gun that are cool. I was beginning to wonder if such pictures existed. Hurrah!

MN Weather Report: 77 degrees. It's humid again.