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Monday, August 22, 2005

Magic Man

Yesterday, I flipped over to QVC for a while. They had this hair stylist on named Nick Chavez who was selling his hair products. So these models came out, he'd have them bend over and flip their hair upside down. Then Nick would spray one of his products on them, they'd sit up, he'd pick at a few tresses with his fingers, and wahla! perfect hair. It was as if he were performing magic. It was totally amazing.

I did not order any products. I know that if I flip my hair upside and spray something in it, it will not look perfect when I right myself. I also know that if I had an hour, a curling iron, and every other hair tool I own, I still couldn't duplicate what he did so effortlessly.

Writing went well on Sunday, dropping that other scene was definitely the right decision. I wish I could do it faster, but I'm slow. I didn't use to be. I used to be able to write 20 pages in a day. I haven't been able to do that in years and years, though. Some day, I guess I should read through the book where the pages just came flowing out of me and see if I had the depth there that I do now. Of course, skill level might have something to do with that too and it would be difficult to judge if any difference is speed related or tied to getting better as a writer.

MN Weather Report: 60 fabulous, sunny degrees!