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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Marianne's Fire Fund Auction

The first auction items for Marianne's Fire Fund are up! [Permission to forward granted and encouraged! ]

The first 10 auctions for Marianne's fire fund are up on ebay! (yay!)

We'll have another 10-20 up in a day or two and then the rest in another day or two (all-volunteer effort here and HUGE thanks to all of you who donated and to the wonderful Gemma Halliday for her hard work putting the items on ebay).

Please forward this info to any list, person, loop or anywhere else aspiring writers who may like to bid on critiques to help Marianne may be. Stay tuned - more top authors like Suz Brockmann, Jenny Crusie, and more, plus industry powerhouses like Senior Editors Cindy Hwang and Kate Seaver at Berkley and agent Steve Axelrod also donated critiques.

(and, again, to donate for the book drive or directly, see Marianne's addy at Literary Chicks)

Thank you all so much!