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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Second Review

I received my second review for Through a Crimson Veil last night and it was another good one! Hurrah! I posted a snippet up on my website already, but my favorite part of the review is this:
As far as heroes and heroines go, Mika and Conor are exceptional ones and draw readers in the minute they appear on the page. The sexual tension between them adds an air of excitement to the danger they are both in and is totally explosive.
The characters are my favorite part of writing so it's always cool when readers/reviewers like them. Anyway, this review will appear on Romance Reviews Today in October.

I'm still incredibly sleepy despite getting almost 10 hours in last night. I'm already thinking about a nap. I wonder why I'm so tired? I would have slept longer this morning, but my back is still real sore from Reno, and I couldn't lie there one more minute. Now I'm sitting here, sipping coffee and trying to find some energy.

I've started hyperventilating every time I think about the surgery on Tuesday. :-( I really don't want to do this, but I really want to be back at 100% too. It just scares the hell out of me to think about being cut. I was too young when I had my tonsils out to care, and somehow wisdom teeth don't seem like a big deal--those were the only two other surgeries I've had--but my foot? Well, this seems like a huge thing to me. I wish this was all over with. :-(

MN Weather Report: 79 degrees. Sunny. Beautiful.