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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Warning: Foot Post Ahead

If you're bored to death reading about my foot, skip this note. This will only be a medical update. :-)

Good news/bad news on the doctor appointment. The good news? I can walk. The bad news? Only very short distances, like to the bathroom and back, and I have to wear my boot whenever I walk. Period. No jumping. No running. And no long distances. No barefoot dashes to the bathroom. I can shower without the boot, but that's it.

Overall, I'm thrilled. I would have preferred to walk a little more than I'm allowed, but I'm happy just to walk. I'd been using a wheelchair to get around. This doesn't give me quite the independence I was hoping for, but it is an improvement.

The break is still visible in the X-rays, and he said it could take a month--or longer--to heal. It depends on the person. The screw was also visible and he's very happy with its position and how it's situated in the bone--which is why I'm allowed to walk the short distances. I see him again in four weeks. Until then, I am trapped in the boot.

One interesting note--okay, I find it interesting--it was amazingly weird to walk. I've only been off my foot for two weeks, hardly long enough to forget how to do it or for the muscles to atrophy or whatever, but I was this huge spaz! My leg was even wobbly. Wow! I'm getting better now, but it's just the oddest sensation to do something so normal, and have it not be normal.