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Thursday, September 22, 2005

All Systems Are Go

Now I have all the information for my book signing on Saturday night and my appearance at the Midwest Booksellers Association tradeshow on Sunday morning. I have the okay from the doctor on my foot, so I don't have to panic about the screw coming out through my skin. (Yes, I was worried about this because I swear I felt a protrusion.) And all I need now are some maps to figure out how the hell to get to the River Center. I'm directionally challenged. I've been lost in more cities than most people have traveled too--and that includes locally. However, Minneapolis people (like me) always have a rough time figuring out how to get around St. Paul (where the River Center is located).

It's back to work today. This should be interesting since the doctor said to cut back on my walking and I'm already not walking much. The problem is the distances involved. It's a LONG hike to my desk. I sit as far from the elevators/bathroom as I could possibly be. I'll probably have to use the wheelchair to get around since I don't see how else I can walk less. I already make the guys come see me rather than making rounds. And this weekend... By Monday, I'm guessing I'll be hurting bad.

Figured out how to torture poor Wyatt in TOD last night. heh heh heh. Hey! He's been torturing me, so why the heck not? I always tell people my motto when it comes to writing is "torture the h/h before they torture me." This time Wyatt and Kendall got the drop on me, but I'll even the score.

To Do List - 1 more down. 1 added.
MN Weather Report: 66 degrees. Nasty weather rolled through last night.