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Monday, September 05, 2005

Corrections, Observations, and New Stuff

First off, I need to correct my spelling. It's not Shepherd. The correct spelling is Shepard Smith. I'd hate it if people kept spelling my name as if I were a German Shepherd.

Second, I don't plan to talk too much more about the hurricane and its aftermath--we all know it's horrible. I'll just say that Geraldo Riveria was awful this weekend. Maybe he was flashing back to opening Al Capone's vault or something, but he wasn't a reporter, he was a personality in a situation where we needed a reporter.

Third, I wanted to remind everyone that Romance Designs is offering chances to win prize packs of books to people who donate to the Red Cross. Go to Romance Designs' Red Cross Fund Raiser page for more information.

Now the new stuff. Hmm. It's a great day for baseball. ESPN starts coverage at 11am and there should be games throughout the day. Hurrah! I love to write with a baseball game playing in the background. I'll start with Boston and the White Sox at 11, then at noon I'll switch to Atlanta and the Mets. The Cubs come on at 1pm and play the hated Cardinals. Then it's Texas at the Twins at 3pm. Then back to ESPN for an evening game between the Dodgers and the Giants. Like I said, a fabulous day for baseball!

Off to write.

MN Weather Report: 80 degrees. Humid.