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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Creativity Portal

I found a cool site today called the Creativity Portal. I haven't had time to explore it thoroughly yet, but what I did find looks helpful! Here's what the site says about itself:

Creativity Portal is an imagination inducing sanctuary for artists, writers, crafters, and creativity enthusiasts. It's been featured in Imagine magazine, Writer's Digest, and thousands of other places Web-wide. It features free articles, creative projects and printables, and quality hand-selected 'how to' Web resources designed to inspire your creativity.

One of the pages they have features an Imagination Prompt that gives you a question to mull over, and hopefully, get the ideas flowing. They have helpful articles like 11 Tips to Surviving a Day Job With Your Creativity Intact and Connect With Your Muse.

They also have a free email newsletter that can be signed up for. If you're a creative person, or even wish you were more creative, it looks as if there is a ton of stuff to read here.