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Saturday, September 10, 2005


While there have been some stories of Hurricane Katrina bringing out the worst in people, like looters and price gougers, there are also stories of it inspiring the best. Last night, I heard a story on the news that was simply heartwarming.

The police, fire fighters, soldiers and other first responders in New Orleans haven't been getting hot meals. A group from Alabama decided to go over there and feed them, but they didn't have enough meat. A little league team had sausage that they were going to sell to raise money for new uniforms. Instead, they donated all the meat so that the men and women working so hard in New Orleans could have a hot meal.

Then Cher heard about this and she contacted the woman who'd organized this effort to feed the first responders. Cher is picking up the bill for all the food.

Big cheers for the group in Alabama who saw a need for hot food, an extra big cheer for the little league team who donated the meat, and to Cher for stepping in and picking up the food bill from here on out. It's so great to hear stories like this!

In foot news, it's doing better. I still have to be careful not to overdo it, but at least I didn't have to take pain killers Thursday or Friday.

Writing is going well--hurrah!

MN Weather Report: 85 degrees. Humid.