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Friday, September 30, 2005


Last night was the first episode of "Nightstalker." I don't watch much TV, in fact the only show I watch right now is "Two and a Half Men," but I loved the original "Nightstalker." I remember as a little kid watching reruns of the show and being simply enthralled. This might be where my love of paranormal stories started. So I had to watch the remake.

I had a hard time paying attention for part of it. That might mean I found the show a trifle boring. Or it might be my problem because the reason I don't see many movies is because I can't sit for that long without doing something else and becoming interested in it. Or it could be that I was distracted by a conversation at the time. :-) Or maybe all three. I also didn't think that the actor playing Kolchak was right for that part. But that could be because Darren McGavin was so perfect in the original that no one could measure up.

It really makes me want to buy the original TV series on DVD. There are a few things stopping me. First, I really don't need to spend the money given the state of my day job. Two, I wouldn't watch them anyway. I still have tapes of stuff from 10 years ago that I haven't watched yet. Sigh. I'm so bad about sitting and watching anything for long. And three, a friend of mine said she saw the original show in the recent past and it didn't live up to memory. In fact, she was downright disappointed in it.

I'll give the new "Nightstalker" a few more chances. The premise is too good not to at least try to watch it, but I'm hoping to be more drawn in next week than I was this week. It could be that parts were slow because they're setting everything up for the whole show. We'll see.

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