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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Now The Real Fun Begins

NWA filed for bankruptcy yesterday afternoon. Not a huge shock, although I figured they'd wait till today. Since we were hanging on by a thread before, as soon as oil prices jumped, we all knew what was coming. What does this means? Who knows. For passengers, absolutely nothing. Things will continue like they'd been going before we filed. For employees, well, now the fun starts. How many people will be laid off? How ugly will our paycuts be? Little things like that.

I've been there long enough that they'd have to cut clerical pretty deep to get to me. Of course, depending on the paycuts, that might be a moot point. I really don't want to be out there looking for a new job, but I'm not making enough to take a big slash in pay. Right now, I've kind of got a wait and see attitude, but rumors and speculation will be rife. I understand people get nervous and want to talk about it, but no one knows anything and they spread misinformation and scare themselves--or work themselves into a tizzy. I just can't go there. So I'm sure people will be upset when I tell them there's no point in worrying about it since we have zero control. Ah, the glamour and excitement of a career in the airline industry.

In other news, I tried like heck to get another item crossed off my To Do List last night, but I haven't received a reply to my email yet. It's tough when my results are contingent on someone else's actions. And I have a new item to replace the one I crossed off yesterday. Again, with a short deadline. Gah!

Writing went well last night, and I went to bed an hour earlier than I've been getting to sleep. Oh, and I received a wedding invitation. I'm looking at it going, who? Then I kept reading and found out one of the guys I work with, his son is getting married. That was a surprise. My boss has taken a job in France, which means I'll be getting another new boss. Hoping for another nice person.

MN Weather Report: 56 degrees