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Friday, September 16, 2005

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

When I left work on Wednesday afternoon, I had 24 items on my To Do List and had crossed off 5 of them. (I wrote up the list during lunch and keep forgetting to grab it as I leave.) Then I came home, and got the mail. My extra contest entries that I'd agreed to judge had arrived. Add judging, emailing the coordinator, and returning the entries to my list. That's 27 items with 5 done.

There were a couple items on the list that I thought I could take care of quickly--I just had to email a couple of people--but I didn't get a response back, so those items remain on the list. So much for quick. Sigh.

I woke up Thursday, and let email download while I went to get coffee. Overnight, another item had been added to my To Do List. Brand new, and not related to the emails I'd sent. Make that 28 items. Do you see where this is going? All I want to do is cross items off, but I don't seem to be making up any ground.

So Thursday, I worked really hard and was able to cross two additional items off my list. Then I arrived home, grabbed snail mail, and added Item 29 to the list. But it gets better! I logged on to the internet, opened email, and lo and behold, Item 30 was waiting there for me. I think I'm going to stop my mail and stop checking email. Gah! Clearly, I'm never going to get anything done if every time I finish something, I get more things to do. I'm beginning to feel persecuted--does that make me paranoid? Sigh.

Right now, I just feel all stressed out because of this stupid list. Okay, because of the ITEMS on the list. There are so many of them! The thing is that none of them are things that I can ask someone else to do for me. The other thing is that some of them involve writing something up, which steals time away from the WIP.

Oh, speaking of the WIP, finished another chapter last night. Hurrah! It's rough, and probably what I'll work on this afternoon/evening, but it's there, in pixels!

MN Weather Report: 57 degrees.