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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Boston Red Sox, Baseball and Writing

The Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs yesterday. This is one of the teams I was rooting for to advance. Not that I'm a huge Red Sox fan, it's more that I loathe the White Sox, their opponent. They are one of the MN Twins' archenemies. This doesn't bode well for the San Diego Padres to win today. Again, it's not that I'm a huge Padres fan. The Cardinals are the Cubs' archenemy. :-)

I love baseball! And playoffs are so much fun!

On the writing front, I deleted everything I wrote in this scene I'm working on (the second time I've done this), and changed point of view. I'm hoping by going into Wyatt's head, it'll be more interesting. Kendall just wasn't working for me. It's too soon to tell, but hopefully, this will work.

Also, funny thing, I realized something about Kendall this week. She doesn't think she's good enough for Wyatt. (She hasn't figured out that she feels this way yet.) So I mention this to my two writing buddies, and they're both like, yeah, we know. You've been layering this in from the beginning. I'm like, whoa! I wish someone had told me because I didn't know. I get my information from the characters, and Kendall is still ignorant of this, so it was like a huge revelation to me--something I figured out from things she's let slip the last couple of weeks.

I need to get writing.

MN Weather Report: 48 degrees.