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Friday, October 07, 2005

Chapter Meeting Dilemma

My local chapter, Midwest Fiction Writers, is meeting this Saturday and I really want to go. Not only are we voting on our updated bylaws, but an FBI agent is coming in to talk to us about his job and we'd get to ask all kinds of questions. Not that I have any ideas that involve the FBI, but this promises to be an interesting program and I want to hear it.

The problem? Well, I need to write this weekend, and I really can't afford to lose a whole Saturday in October, when I'll for sure lose the Saturday we meet in November. I'm doing Journey of a Novel at that meeting. I'm guessing I'll be good tomorrow and stay home. After all, I haven't even taken the time to get my hair cut.

In a related note, I received my chapter newsletter yesterday. I usually get a PDF version through email, so getting a paper copy at my PO box was a surprise, but there's a really nice review of Crimson Veil in the Book Buddy segment. I'll have to try and remember to send a thank you. (Someone remind me to add this to my To Do List, which is at work.)

Also read an agent blog yesterday that was talking about dedications. This is the second time from two different agents that I read about thanking your agent in the book dedication. This agent referred to not being mentioned as a snub. That immediately made me feel bad, because I haven't thanked my agent in the dedication yet. I surely didn't mean it as a snub. My agent is a Godsend! I didn't know there was protocol for this. Will someone please write The Newly Sold Author's Guide to the Publishing Industry? Or The Idiot's Guide to Publishing Protocol? Clearly, I need it.

I tried to watch Night Stalker again last night, but found myself bored enough to go back to the baseball game. Atlanta beat Houston. Hurrah! The teams I'm rooting for in the playoffs haven't been doing too well. So far Atlanta has won one and the Angels have won one, otherwise my teams are losing every game. I think I'm going to get emails saying "get off our side" pretty soon.

MN Weather Report: 37 degrees Wind Chill: 33 degrees.